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How to Write a Travel Article For Your Blog


Travel is the practice of moving from one location to another for recreational or business purposes, whether by foot, bicycle, car, bus, train, ship or airplane. Traveling can be done solo or with others such as friends, family and strangers – visiting different parts of the world or just taking a road trip nearby are all forms of traveling that exist today.

Travel is one of the great gifts of life; it opens your eyes and mind up to new places and people, teaching you about history, geography, languages, biology, cultures and cuisine all along the way. But perhaps the greatest advantage is how it teaches us something about ourselves – overcoming fears or appreciating home more while away.

Travel articles must provide readers with personal insights, colorful descriptions and practical advice they’ll find useful. While exact proportions will depend on the outlet you write for, a good rule of thumb would be two-thirds or even three-quarters descriptive content to one third or quarter facts. Don’t shy away from using quotes; they add dimension to stories while making readers feel part of them!

Be sure to have fun when traveling; the key to having a rewarding travel experience lies in enjoying yourself rather than being just another tourist visiting places with lists of things to see and do.

Avoiding obvious attractions–fancy museums and landmarks–in favor of local activities, like taking cooking classes or hiking in nature. Furthermore, this could mean opting for travel during shoulder season when prices are more manageable yet weather conditions remain suitable.

Keep your family connected while traveling by calling them regularly or sending postcards; just be mindful not to overdo the partying; too much isolation can be detrimental to mental health. Particularly when traveling alone, try reaching out more often and engaging in conversation with locals.

Last but not least, remember it’s okay to fail sometimes. If you miss a flight or don’t capture that perfect shot, don’t let it ruin your trip; there will still be other chances to visit or take photos at that destination. Mishaps during travel often become some of the best stories, not least for later reading pleasure – don’t be afraid to introduce humor when writing travel articles as this will engage readers and make the story more relatable than writing something boring and serious!

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